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With its home at New York Law School, The Margins is a community for law students to engage in meaningful dialogue with and about the law. As our name suggests, The Margins seeks to center queer and marginalized voices as the starting point of our conversation, but all voices are welcome to contribute. We are concerned with addressing the law as it is, but also imagining the law as it could be. We want to question our habits and investigate our beliefs. What do we actually think? And how can our system of laws live up to our highest ideals and standards? Our goal is to put out a cohesive publication bi-annually, identify concrete actions or legal opportunities to advance our cause, and conduct a monthly meeting where we engage in dialogue about legal issues. All voices are welcome to contribute, we accept submissions from all law students (beyond the NYLS community), practicing attorneys, judges, and legal workers. If you have something to say, we want to hear from you! 

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The Body Issue

Issue 1

The Margins will seek to create a theme for every Issue we publish. This way we can hone our voice and focus on one topic at a time. The theme will be open to interpretation, and will allow authors to create their own ideas about how our theme relates to the law. For more about the Body Issue click the link below.

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