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Image by Tyler Sakil
Marble Surface

Who Are We ?


This student group, club, community, and organization was born out of a simple idea: Equality. The United States of America was founded on this principle, but the founders didn’t really know what Equality meant at the time. This community and publication was created to explore what equality means, and how we can achieve it through the law. We will seek to be critical, to ask the hard questions, to let our hair down and get comfortable with our disagreements. We want to explore where things went wrong, and how we can hope to fix them through legal action, mobilization, and idea mapping. This community is an experiment, just like the United States. We have named it The Margins because our starting point is to focus on voices that have historically been left out of this nearly four-hundred-year experiment. In order to achieve equality, all voices need to be heard in harmony. This is the mission of The Margins

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