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The Body

Issue One

Fashion Photography

by Nathalia Carniero

As an international student living in NYC, editor Nathalia Carneiro explains the trials and tribulations of immigration law and how it has impacted her life. A discussion about the unnecessary hardships of the immigration system. 

Student Body Blues

by Tuhfa Beghum

Is what we teach law students centered around a narrative that separates attorneys from the very people they are meant to serve? Do lawyers see themselves as separate from the law? And what responsibilities do law schools have to counter this narrative?

Laying on a Chair
Worker with Ladder
Blood Test

Don't Spray Gay

by Wyatt Wilson

As HIV infection rates shift away from prevalence in the gay community, and as the country suffers from a blood shortage, why are outdated laws preventing homosexual men from donating blood? 

Can I smoke it on a train? Can I smoke it on a plane? 

by Kathryn Venezia

That's right New Yorkers, marijuana is legal now. Still many of us are left wondering where and when it's ok to light up? And what is the legislature planning next? An update on the state of Marijuana laws in New York.  

Woman Vaping
Equal Lighter

by Thom Barranca

With the introduction of Safe Injection Centers into the American legislative landscape, is the Criminal Justice system truly the proper avenue for breaking the cycle of addiction and putting an end to the opioid crisis? 

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