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Laying on a Chair

by Amy Leipziger

A Lawyer in the field of Child Advocacy discusses her experiences representing LGBTQ+ students in public school settings. She discusses the shortcomings of the system and its repeated failure to protect the most vulnerable students from bullying and mistreatment.

by Blanca Gates

A closer look at the experiences of transgender detainees who are deprived of certain necessary rights and privileges while incarcerated and how the Constitution may not be doing enough to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Woman on a Bench
Don't Speak

With the rise in anti-trans legislation during this so-called "don't say gay" era, state lawmakers claim they are protecting children, yet there has been no movement to tamp down on Gun violence which is now the leading cause of death among children in America. A meditation on common sense, culture wars, and the dangers of the right-wing mentality. 

by Kathryn Venezia

That's right New Yorkers, Cannabis is legal now. Still many of us are left wondering where and when it's ok to light up? And what is the legislature planning next? An update on the state of Cannabis laws in New York.  

Woman Vaping
Assortment of Books

by Thom Barranca

Is the Criminal legal system truly the proper avenue for breaking the cycle of addiction and putting an end to the opioid crisis? With increased access to street Fentanyl and rising rates of overdose, this article explores alternative methods to alleviate the problem, including NYC's introduction of Safe Injection Facilities.

by Callie Catacosinos

We are often faced with the gender wage gap in the workplace, but was anyone expecting a similar gap to appear in prescription meds?  A law student explores her experience with Accutane and why there's a hidden Equal Protections argument beneath this tiny pill.

Prescription Medication
Chess Pieces

The Coercion Principle
by Sam Kouri

At the intersection of addiction and incarceration lies a conundrum. If submission to rehabilitation is offered as a substitute for incarceration, is there really a meaningful choice involved? The pros and cons of substance abuse programs in prisons.

Some Bodies, Bailed
by Ri Marchessault

Conservatives staunchly believe bail reform is at the root of all crime. This article looks at the actual black letter law of updated bail laws and discusses the changes included in Governor Hochul's recent budget proposal. A discussion on why the reform is vital and should remain in place.

Protest Street Sign
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